Small Steps Project Limited

Support for children scavenging on landfill sites

Scavenger communities inhabit rubbish dumps and landfill sites around the world. Small Steps Project supports children and their families with sustainable solutions to help the children into education and vocational training for their parents so they have the skills to improve their future prospects

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 28 November 2017 to 12:00 PM, 5 December 2017

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All over the world vast landfill sites host communities of the most impoverished people who have no other means of supporting themselves than by scavenging from the rubbish. Some children contribute to the family income by scavenging too, others are left to 'play' while their mothers work. The Vientiane landfill site in Laos is remote. The problem is reaching these children and supporting them into education, to offer them a choice outside the life of scavenging for their future.


Small Steps Project intervenes to break the cycle of poverty and enable children to take small steps out of the dumps and into education, to give them choices to be able to do something other than scavenging. The aim is to prepare the children for school by delivering outreach to deliver catch-up education for children and support to parents, as well as food, hygiene and healthcare and counselling to help build confidence then provision of school supplies, uniforms, transport & counselling.