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125 Scholarships

To mark 125 years of providing top quality adult education, Morley College will create 125 Morley Scholars. These scholars will be outstanding members of their community who would otherwise be unable to return to education. A range of courses will be offered for career and/or personal development.

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There are many obstacles to learning and education. Often people might not have done well at school (for a wide variety of reasons), and find themselves with heavy responsibilities or a lack of funds and support, or a combination of these things. Limited access to education often means limited opportunity for career and personal development, making it more difficult for individuals, families and communities to break out of cycles of deprivation, perpetuating disadvantage and inequality.


The provision of life-long learning to all has always been central to Morley's vision. For 125 years, Morley has been opening the doors to education for people in London, in particular our home boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark. Despite this there are still many people who do not benefit from educational opportunities. With this in mind we will create 125 scholarships to enable and encourage disadvantaged and difficult-to-reach groups to participate.