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It is often difficult to understand what children with Down syndrome are saying, and this can be immensely frustrating for them. Communication difficulties make it more difficult to engage in everyday life and education. Our project promises to help children with Down syndrome speak more clearly.

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It is often difficult to understand what children with Down syndrome are saying. Although the children’s speech and language difficulties are well known, no therapy has clearly been shown to help. As a result, speech therapy practice varies and outcomes are often poor. Communication difficulties can hinder inclusion and acceptance. Being able to understand more than you can express is often frustrating and demoralising and leads others to underestimate your abilities.


We will evaluate an intervention that promises to improve speech clarity after only 16 weeks of therapy. If successful, the programme can be easily replicated through existing NHS, private and nonprofit speech therapy services in the UK and in many other countries. Pilot studies pilot studies indicate potential gains in the proportion of correctly pronounced consonants of between 20% and 50% after 16 weeks of intervention.