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The Sixteen: Polish recording project Volume 4

This will be the fourth release in The Sixteen's critically-acclaimed series of recordings of music from Renaissance and Baroque Poland, conducted by our associate conductor Eamonn Dougan. This series ensures these wonderful, obscure works are given world-class recordings.

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With the resurgence of interest in the Renaissance and Baroque periods over the last 50 years, composers such as Monteverdi and Purcell now rightly receive regular performances all over the globe, however, many of their contemporaries remain obscure. A wealth of wonderful music emanated from Poland in the 16th and 17th centuries from composers such as Pƒôkiel and Gorczycki, this music is rarely performed or committed to disc, particularly by high-profile musical ensembles.


Led by associate conductor Eamonn Dougan, The Sixteen have devised a highly-ambitious programme of recordings, which will showcase this much-neglected repertoire. Thanks to The Sixteen's reputation, these recordings have so far garnered international interest and renown from mainstream media ranging from all UK broadsheets to The New York Times to European press. These recordings are also available on Spotify and iTunes, ensuring that these works are disseminated to a wide audience.