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Primary education for children in Burma (Myanmar)

Burma (Myanmar) is one of the poorest countries in the world. It ranks fifth lowest in the world for the amount spent on education. There are many areas in the country where there are no schools. In many cases even if there is a school, the poorest citizens cannot afford to send their children.

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The Burmese people are desperate for education for their children but thousands of villages and townships do not have any schools. Despite pleas and applications to the government in so many cases their requests are not met. With a recent shift in the political situation there are hopes that the funding will increase but it is unlikely that there will the government will be able to provide education for all children for many years.


For eight years we have been building and running schools in remote and disadvantaged areas. To date we have established 23 schools. The majority of them primary but we have also then extended some to include secondary and high school classes. We also help poor families who are unable to send their children to school through lack of money by funding their costs. These include uniforms, stationery, transport and school fees where this is required. The average cost is £10 per child per annum.