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The nursing care we provide at Haven House gives our families time. Time for children to play and socialise with other children. Time for parents and siblings to rest, spend time with friends and family. A break from 24/7 caring responsibilities is essential for health and wellbeing.

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Parents and carers do an incredible job looking after their children but can not do it alone - they need help. Life limited and life threatened children have a wide range of needs; which can be medical, help with day to day activities, or recreational. Research has shown that there are over 2000 children in our catchment area that could benefit from our services. Working with other local groups, both voluntary and statutory, we can ensure that we reach as many of these children as possible.


Haven House Children's Hospice offers a number of unique services designed to make the lives of our children better and happier. Our care is holistic - we treat each child differently as we recognise that each child has very unique needs. As a result each child has an individually tailored nursing care plan to make sure they receive the best possible care. There is an increasing demand for our expertise, and in order to expand we need fund the cost of more nurses.