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Lifesaving antibiotics for children in Africa

Inter Care wants to provide amoxicillin syrup for the treatment of a wide range of infections, including pneumonia, in children in rural sub-Saharan Africa. Pneumonia caused by bacteria can be treated with antibiotics yet only 33% of children with pneumonia receive the antibiotics they need.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 29 November 2016 to 12:01 PM, 6 December 2016

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Pneumonia killed an estimated 922,000 children globally in 2015. Currently Inter Care can only purchase amoxicillin, used to treat infections including pneumonia, sporadically and after the difficult task of assessing which vital medicines to purchase with such a limited budget. Major challenges exist regarding access to and availability of antibiotics in many parts of Africa, therefore the majority of patients at our health clinics do not receive the lifesaving antibiotics they need


Death from pneumonia and other infections are highest in poor rural communities, where most of the health units we support are located. This project would enable us to provide regular, sustainable supplies of this vital and in many cases lifesaving antibiotic to the most vulnerable. Amoxicillin would be used to treat a range of infections as well as acute malnutrition in children at our health centres. With your help Inter Care could treat children who we have previously been unable to reach.