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Teenage and Young Adult Unit

We are building a new comprehensive specialist cancer hospital in the centre of Liverpool, and want to include a dedicated area for teenagers and young adults (16 to 24), consisting of 8 single en-suite beds in private rooms and flexible social space, providing an area for communal activities.

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A diagnosis of cancer can be devastating, bringing unique challenges for both the young person with cancer and their relatives. Young people need facilities and support appropriate for their age group; they might never meet another person with cancer their own age, and can feel frightened and alone. Having treatment can mean they miss out on the normal things young people do – socialising with friends, playing sports and having fun.


The project will enable young people to be treated on a purpose built ward so they can benefit from being in an environment where they have contact with other young people and relatives going through a similar experience. The project will allow us to care for this age group in surroundings more conducive to their specific needs, while giving them the valuable opportunity to share their experiences with people of a similar age and gain enhanced peer support.