Summer Play for Child Survivors of Abuse & Slavery

Hundreds of children stay in our domestic abuse refuges and safehouses for those who've escaped modern slavery. Summer play activities give these children who've gone through unimaginable trauma the chance to get their childhood back... to play, to smile, to run, to laugh... knowing they're safe.

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It ran from 12:00 AM, 11 June 2018 to 5:00 PM, 18 June 2018

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Children whose mothers have escaped abuse are often fearful or angry about having to leave their homes, their schools and all of their friends behind. Children who have experienced domestic abuse or modern slavery, either as a witness or as a victim of abuse themselves often suffer from significant trauma that, if not addressed, can lead to severe patterns of negative behaviour in future life. Relationships between child and mother are often also damaged with common ground difficult to find.


Play schemes in a child's refuge or safehouse enable children to learn to trust their environment again. They can relax, safe in the knowledge that their abuser can't harm them. By taking part in fun and positive activities with other children that are safely and constructively managed by trained staff, the children can develop positive relationships and build an understanding of how to interact with others. It's also an opportunity for mother and child to rebuild their relationship.