Rigorous scientific research of moxa TB treatment

To scientifically test and hopefully prove the findings we have been getting with our feasability studies in Uganda and South Africa in collaboration with the Deparytment of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at Kampala's esteemed Makerere University, one of the best medical schools in Africa.

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Moxafrica, as a charity, is committed to investigating whether small cone direct moxibustion (moxa), a traditional East Asian non-pharmaceutical treatment used in the past in Japan to treat TB, might be applicable today in resource poor environments with high rates of HIV co-infection and growing levels of drug resistance which are untreatable because of lack of resource. The results from completed feasability studies strongly indicate that moxa can be effective in an African environment


If we can prove its efficacy, we may be able to offer a solution to: 1. increasing incidence of TB in Africa, because moxa may hasten normal first line treatment response thus reducing infectivity 2. decrease the growth of drug-resistance by improving drug compliance by reducing their side effects 3. help HIV co-infected patinets to respond to treatment 4. Possibly provide the only effective help for drug resistant cases who currently have no access to diagnostics or second line drugs.