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Financial services for rural communities

In rural Ethiopia, access to financial services can improve livelihoods. For farmers, the ability to save increases resilience to shocks such as droughts and access to credit enables investment in enterprise. We work to increase wealth and food security by promoting financial inclusion.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 28 November 2017 to 12:00 PM, 5 December 2017


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  • ' I had a difficult childhood and when I was a young mother I struggled to provide for my children, unable to give them a nutritious diet or even a bed to sleep on. Since joining the RuSACCO project my life has improved and I can afford livestock to wor

    — Alem Abebe

  • 'I went from selling bread to opening 3 grocery stores in my local area'

    — Bezina Abinet (29)


Access to financial services is crucial to rural development but Ethiopia has one of the lowest financial inclusion ratios of sub-Saharan Africa, with only 22% of adults holding an account and just 14% able to access credit. Financial services are largely concentrated in urban areas and Rural Savings and Credit Cooperatives (RuSACCOs) serve the rural population. However in the poorest areas, RuSACCOs are at a very early stage in their development, with low average membership and savings.


We will work with four RuSACCO unions and their member cooperatives, building their operational capacity through tailored accounting, management and operational training programmes, providing essential equipment and supporting the development of business plans. As a result of this intervention, RuSACCOs will increase their reach and improve their offer to members and more smallholder households will benefit from access to saving and credit facilities.