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Support Group for Aquired Brain Injury Carers

Carers do not apply for their role as a carer, it is often as a result of a family member being involved in a traumatic accident or following illness. Headway Shropshire would like to fund a carers’ support group throughout 2019 to support individuals that care for survivors of an ABI.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 27 November 2018 to 12:00 PM, 4 December 2018

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As demand for our ABI services expands we meet more carers and family members that require our support. Due to the nature of acquired brain injury it can be extremely stressful for family carers to deal with daily life. The effects of ABI are very unique to each client. Many carers, family members and friends find it difficult to get the support they require. Local authority and health funding contributed towards this group in the past but due to cutbacks they are unable to fund future years.


To continue and develop a month support group for all our clients’ carers. We will provide a quiet, confidential place where they can meet and share experiences and get advice and support whilst our ABICS team support their family members with an ABI. Group activities will enable the carer to relive pressure and stress of caring. We would like to provide 4 activities throughout the year to provide a period of relaxation and enjoyment with likeminded people and respite from the daily grind.