Bringing it Home: Supporting Detached Youth in UK

Responding to the growing challenges for the most excluded young people in our country and the decimation of youth services that are available to them, StreetInvest is bringing back home our global youth service expertise to support the most vulnerable and marginalised children in the UK.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 27 November 2018 to 12:00 PM, 4 December 2018

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Increasing homelessness, growing school exclusions and a dramatic increase in youth violence all clearly indicate the need for additional support for vulnerable young people in this country. However, service provision is inadequate and declining. In the five years to 2017: • 40% of UK boroughs had no detached youth work and 30% of those that did have stopped • London services have lost 457 youth worker posts and closed 36 youth centres and projects This project responds to this crisis.


We will support a network of organisations in the UK working with young people who are vulnerable or marginalised through: research, training product development, training of trainers, youth engagement, network development and pilot projects - with the monitoring to understand its impact. The network will form part of StreetInvest’s existing response to the world’s most excluded children, enabling UK young people to develop positively, and minimising the stigma and discrimination towards them.