London Youth Support Trust

London Youth Support Trust Enterprise Programme

We offer affordable business units for young entrepreneurs for up to three years alongside business advice and personal support. We help our beneficiaries prepare their business plan, secure start up funding and then we provide them with their own business unit from where they run their business.

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From our experience of working so closely with our clients we know that, for the young and disadvantaged, it takes 2-3 years to establish a business - which is why our support is available for three years. Our clients see self employment as an alternative to securing a job because of their lack of formal qualifications, a criminal record or a disability . Starting a business is a tough and often traumatic experience and we provide the support to help our clients develop as entrepreneurs.


In the first year our young entrepreneurs contribute 50% towards the cost of their rental, in year 2 this increases to 75% and in year three they will be paying the full rent. Alongside this our business support manager provides support to our clients in three ways - by acting as a mentor for the businesses; by providing and following up on specialist services; and by organising meetings between clients where experiences can be shared and cross trading can happen.