Food Programme for the children in Kaningo, SL

CESO want to build a kitchen for the school in Kaningo in order to provide a midday meal for the children, most of whom have nothing to eat during their school day. We also want to provide facilities to grow vegetables and crops and raise livestock, to make this Food Programme self-sufficient.

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It ran from 10:00 AM, 5 December 2013 to 5:00 PM, 18 December 2013

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The community of Kaningo, Sierra Leone, is still locked in a cycle of poverty. The children in the area often have nothing to eat during their school day - there are no facilities to provide food for the children at the Ivor Leigh Memorial School. This is a fundamental need for the children - it is very difficult for them to concentrate on their lessons when they are so hungry. They have also had no education around good nutrition and its benefits.


This project will build and provide a fully equipped kitchen and a dining area to support the school. It will also provide a smallholding with livestock and facilities to grow crops and vegetables. This will ensure that all of the children are provided with a midday meal. The children will also be involved in planning the menus, and this will form part of their education about good nutrition. They will then be able to spread this education across generations.