Church Homeless Trust

Women's Refuge Garden Project in Wakefield

To create a safe and happy garden where women and children fleeing domestic abuse can relax and play. Often women in refuges are too frightened to go outside, so a private garden with play area would provide a space for them and their children to relax, develop confidence and socialise.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 28 November 2017 to 12:00 PM, 5 December 2017

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Marie House is a refuge for women and children fleeing domestic abuse. Often women who have suffered abuse are too scared to go out, and the nearest park is a 20-minute walk away. Consequently the children are stuck inside with nowhere to play or exercise. Furthermore the women are not able to contact their family and friends, or to continue in their jobs, for fear of being located. So they can easily become housebound with little to do, and little opportunity to socialise.


The garden will provide a safe outdoor space for the women and children to relax, play and socialise. The women and children will be able to learn gardening skills by working with a therapeutic gardener. Gardening will provide a range of health and social benefits; including teamwork and friends; confidence-building; physical exercise; growing and cooking vegetables; planning and designing, and immense satisfaction. We will also provide an exciting yet safe play area for the children.