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Concerts in Care Homes

Since 2007 ESO has sent small groups of ensembles to perform in Care Homes in the Midlands. These concerts bring a sense of shared joy to people who may have been in a world of their own for some time. We aim to raise £6000 for 30 of these concerts in 2015.

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Music can provide comfort and hope to listeners in all stages of life but all too often when people reach their last days, the music stops. The ESO musicians are all passionate about performing in residential and nursing homes. Here is a link to some clips of the ground breaking DVD, ‘Music to Lift the Spirit’, which was produced primarily to entertain people living with dementia. If you would like to know more about this inspiring project, please visit our website.


Music is the one art form which can still communicate directly to people with severe dementia. It triggers a response of pure joy and shared memories. To ensure that this is more than just a brief interlude, at the end of a concert we leave a DVD of our groups performing their repertoire with the care homes.