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Universe of Sound in Canterbury and Birmingham

Universe of Sound: The Planets, launched at the Science Museum in May 2012, is a hi-definition interactive immersive musical experience. This project will see it travel to Canterbury and Birmingham to reach over 15,000 children and adults taking them on a journey to the heart of the music.

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It ran from 10:00 AM, 6 December 2012 to 5:00 PM, 19 December 2012

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Attending an orchestral concert in the normal concert hall setting places certain demands on audience members; including the price of the ticket, the need to be quiet and still for an extended period and often the perception that you need some understanding of the music to enjoy the concert - all of which can prevent people from experiencing classical music for the first time.


Universe of Sound will enable visitors to experience classical music through breaking down the multiple barriers of ticket price, attention span, the need to be quiet and still, concern about the time commitment and self-consciousness about how to respond to the music. The ethos behind the entire project is to allow visitors to experience the Philharmonia in an environment that facilitates education through participation, always allowing the audience to make their own decisions.